Pavement Advice

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One of the big issues that we continue to try and tackle locally is damaged pavements.

Over the last few years we have helped fix hundreds of broken and dangerous paving slabs, which are a pain and great expense to local taxpayers.

At this request of a number of residents we are writing this post to help inform all residents of some useful tips regarding pavements.

1) The biggest cause of broken pavements is undoubtedly heavy vehicles. Our advice to all local residents is that if you own a heavy vehicle or are having works done at home, please do not drive or park on the pavements. We appreciate that at times this cannot be avoided, but if we all take a little extra care it would help solve the problem.

2)  Utility firms. Another problem that we are trying to tackle is utility firms making a mess and damaging our pavements. If you see this occurring please take some pictures and send them to us or contact us immediately. We will then take appropriate action to ensure that fines are issued and that they stop doing this.

3) Understanding Bexley Council’s definitions of a trip hazard. Bexley Council have set requirements to what is considered a trip hazard to help guide resources where they are most needed. If you are in any doubt please get in touch, but as a general guide the requirements are usually a business card in depth and/or paving slabs that are dangerously loose. If you see a painted mark on the pavement area in question, this indicates that the area has been inspected and will be repaired shortly.

We hope that this post is helpful and please get in touch if you require our help.